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Professional Development Hours

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The North Carolina Board for Licensing of Soil Scientists will accept for PDH credit, attendance at NCSU Dept of Soil Science Seminar. Each seminar reported will be 0.50 PDH credit. The attendee will be responsible for reporting to the Board:

  1. The date when the seminar was attended.
  2. The topic that was covered.
  3. The identity of the presenter.
  4. A signed statement from the person in charge that day attesting to the licensee’s attendance.

Department of Soil Science at NC State University

Soil Science Society of North Carolina Annual Meeting

Year Date PDH Hours
2011 Jan 18 5.0 hrs
2011 Jan 19 6.0 hrs
2010 Jan 19 4.0 hrs
2010 Jan 20 6.0 hrs
2009 Jan 20 4.5 hrs
2009 Jan 21 6.0 hrs


What To Do If You Are Audited

If you are audited, send copies of your Professional Development Hour records to the address shown at the bottom of this page. We cannot return your PDH records so do not send originals. Only send copies!